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The 549er, Newsletter of the Painesville Lodge No. 549

January 2023 Newsletter

Happy New Year,
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I know I did.

A couple of things I want to mention as the Elk year is getting close to being over.
We have four months left and will be looking for some members to join our great group of officers for the 23-24 Elk year. Starting at the first meeting in February, we will be doing nomination of officers.

That also starts our two meetings a month, which ends after the second meeting in April. We then go back to one meeting a month. We also have, during the first meeting in February, initiation. For those
that have not been to one since yours, please come up and witness it from the other side.
March will be the return of Comedy Night. Tickets will be on sale the week of January 2nd. You will see an email communicating the info and when they are available for purchase.

Fraternally Yours,
Kyler Daniel PER, ER

Trustee’s Corner

Our most recent CP Coin Bank donors are Norm Melchrete, Randall Porter, Barb March and one anonymous donor. Thank you all for your support of the Ohio Elks Cerebral Palsy Fund! Coin Banks can be obtained from your server at the Elks Lodge. They hold about $3 in pennies and a lot more in nickels, dimes and quarters!

Secretary's Corner

As we roll into 2023, we get closer to the renewal of our Elks’ Lodge Year and the billing of our dues. Next month, you will receive the billing for our 2023-2024 Lodge year. So, keep an eye out for that. As last year, I will mail your membership cards to you once I receive your dues.

And, please remember what a benefactor of our community your Elks lodge is.

This past year 549 gave financial support to:
Ohio Elks Cerebral Palsy Fund $15,196.00
Ohio Elks Endowment Fund $21,196.00
Elks National Foundation $10,098.00

And, through the efforts of our member Duke Miller, PDDGER, we have been lucky enough to receive and pass along funding from the Elks National Foundation and the Ohio Elks Association financial  support to the various food banks, safety services, shelters, the Developmentally Disabled and Veteran services of our area from these grants:

Spotlight Grant $2,000.00
Beacon Grant $4,000.00
Gratitude Grant $2,500.00
Community Investment Grant $1,500.00

Altogether, your Elks Lodge #549 has been responsible for seeing $56,490 go into these worthy projects in and around our own state and local communities during this past year. You can be very proud to be a member of Good Ol’ 549. Please keep up your support of our lodge!

Scott Daniels, PER
Sec., BPOE 549

Elk(s) of the Month

John Haught & Manny Rose

This month we have two Elks that we are going to mention this month. They took on the tricky job of refinishing the shuffleboard table. This was a time-consuming effort that couldn’t be messed up and it came out great! The next time you hear about the Shuffleboard Season starting, SLIDE IN on the action.


So, Here’s To our Elks of the Month, John Haught and Manny Rose.
Give them both a tip of the Great Horned Hat.


On November 11th, BPOE 549 and a group volunteers hosted dinner for 38 Veterans and 45 of their guests. It was the Lodge's way of saying thank you to them for their service. If you are Veteran who was unable to attend the dinner please know that you are not forgotten and that we all thank you for your service.

Also thank you to the 4th grade class of Desiree Dickinson at Orchard Hollow School. Her students composed handwritten letters that expressed their personal thanks to the Veteran. Each of the Veterans attending the dinner received one of the letters.

Finally, thanks to the volunteers who helped with set-up and serving dinner. The list of volunteers includes Bryan and Patty Zuber, Manny and Julius Rose, Angela Carlton, John Lucrezi, Jim Binns, Brenda and Jamie Toivonen, Al Coll, Rich Matthews, Skip Rigby, Denny Jakse, Jerry Walker, Bob and Veronica Potter. Also thanks to Britt and his staff for the dinner preparation. If I have forgotten to mention anyone please forgive me but know your help was appreciated.

Thank you all,
Gary T

Comedy Night at the Elks

Saturday March 4th
4 Professional Comedians
Swiss Steak Dinner served at 6:00pm
Comedy Show Starts at 7:30
Tickets are $20.00 on sale at the Bar

December Newsletter

Happy Holidays,
I want to thank everyone who came out to the Turkey Party and also all of the volunteers that helped make it a great event.
From that event we raised $550 dollars to donate to the Men of Honor. They're raising funds to get actual headstones for two Civil War Veterans that are buried in Evergreen Cemetery. We hope to be there for the unveiling in the spring.

Some happenings this month:
Snowball, Children’s Christmas Party, Tom and Jerry Party and hopefully, New Years Eve dinner.

More details to come.

Fraternally Yours,

Kyler Daniel, PER, ER

Trustee’s Corner

Tom & Jerry Party 12/10

5-8 PM

Open to Members In Good Standing

Free hor'dourves


Kids' Christmas Party 12/17
11-1 PM
Santa Will Be There!!
(sign up at the bar)

Secretary’s Corner

Greetings and I wish you the best of this Holiday Season!

I would like to remind all that when submitting an application for membership, we do need a Sponsor and two References, as well as the rest of the application completed. We continue to receive applications that are hastily filled out and incomplete. Please help us get the new applications processed as quickly as we can. Also, new membership applications must have the $75 application fee and reinstatements must have the $25 reinstatement fee with them. The dues will be prorated, once the applications have been voted upon and approved.

Our annual Disadvantaged Veteran’s cold weather clothing project is well under way and we would like to thank member Terry Tekavec, of Tekraft Industries, for purchasing the special tote bags that we put these items in.

Scott Daniels, PER
Sec., BPOE 549

Elk of the Month

Gary Toivonen

This month, our Elk of the Month is a gentleman who has
served our lodge in many areas, for many years. He served as a

trustee and for many years has been the chairman of our Veteran’s Dinner,

being able to pull his committee together to make

that event a success. He served our country in the U.S. Marine
Corps and he is an active member in our lodge. So, be sure to
give Gary Toivonen a big tip of the Great Horned Hat!

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