The 549er, Newsletter of the Painesville Lodge No. 549

Mark your Calendar

Trustee Meeting 9/6 /22 @6:00pm

Lodge Mtg. 9/8/22 @7:30pm
Browns Game Pot-Luck 9/11/22 @1:00pm

Monthly 9/25/22


I want to thank everyone that donated schools supplies for us to give to the Painesville City School system. A few of you even donated money. We went and purchased some items for donation. I will have a better write up in the near future so that you can see where your donations went.

The District Deputy Clinic was held in Columbus at the Fall reunion. DD Lisa Wadlow had a presentation regarding grants that the Grand Lodge gives to lodges. Duke Miller ensures that we get as many as we can to be able to  help out our community in the best way that we can.

These two things are what elkdom is about. We should always strive to do the best that we can for our community and there are many ways that can be accomplished. I want to thank everyone again for their donations to our local school system.

Fraternally Yours,
Kyler Daniel PER, ER

Secretary’s Corner
Hello and Happy Summer Closeout. I hope your summer has been great!

I would like to remind us all of the importance of sponsoring someone for membership proposals. Not to bend any noses, but if you are asked to put your name on a piece of paper that is recommending someone for membership and you don’t know them very well - or at all – or aren’t quite sure if they would be an asset for your lodge, please politely decline that opportunity. During your initiation, you had sworn to not propose anyone for membership that you did “not believe to be worthy thereof”. Should that new member cause an occurrence that results in their suspension or expulsion from the Order, you might get caught up in it and share those fates, per your promise to protect the membership from such happenings. Sponsoring a prospective member or guest, reflects their character onto you. If no one else will do it, there may be a good reason. Please, only sponsor a person who you would stand up for on an issue of their good character – one who can live by the Golden Rule. I think that your fellow Elks deserve that.

OK, on to the good work that we do here.

Our recent CP donors are: Bill Landers, Ron Egbert, Stan Updike, Laura Gauntner and Duke Miller, PDDGER.

Thank you for your support of this important project. Cerebral Palsy affects more than 750,000 children and adults across the United States. As our state's major project, the Ohio Elks are dedicated to helping people and families struggling with the challenges of living with CP.

Lastly, we have a new candidate applying for membership, Roger Wilt. Roger is retired, sponsored by Don Whitaker, and his wife’s name is Kathy. Also, we have Theresa Jensen, a retired school teacher, sponsored by Katherine Blakeman, and Steven McLaughlin who is a supervisor at Enterprise Welding and sponsored by Dan Kitson. Kenneth Sulzbach is a reinstating transfer from the Willoughby Lodge and is sponsored by Todd Sulzbach. On September 8th we will initiate these and also Colby Ellis, who couldn’t attend the last initiation.


Have a good Labor Day!
S. Daniels, PER
Sec., BPOE 549

Elk of the Month

Richard Patton

This month we are honoring a Life Member with many years of service to
our lodge. He and his late wife, Barbara, would often come to our dinner
dances over many years. He was on the initial committee that started our
Snow-Ball Dinner for the adult handicapped of this area. His son, David,
would be a part of those dinners. For the past many years, Dick has served
on, and as chairman of, our Investigating Committee. Those that work on
this committee with Dick will tell you that he runs a pretty tight ship.
Please give a big tip of the Great Horned Hat to LM Richard Patton!