Don't forget Bocce Meeting is May 18th at 6:30 pm.

The 549er, Newsletter of  Painesville Lodge No. 549

May 2022

From your Exalted Ruler:

We are off to a great start to the Elk year. The lodge had a wonderful turnout for the Easter egg hunt. I want to thank all of the people that helped the day run smoothly. Keep your eyes open for events happening around the lodge.

The 53rd annual Big Daddy Golf Outing will be held on Wednesday July 20th at Painesville Country Club. It is first come first serve.

I and other members attended the State of Ohio Elks Association annual spring convention and the Grand Secretary had a message for everyone. He informed us that the State
of Ohio will be 500+ in the positive for membership. What that means is, all of the dropped and delinquents were out-shined by initiating new members. Our lodge was also in the positive this last elk year.

Fraternally Yours,
Kyler Daniel PER, ER

Trustee’s Corner

Mother’s Day Breakfast May 8th, Sign up sheet is at the Bar 50 people per 1/2 hour

Moms and kids under 6 are free, 6-12 are $10.00, 13 and over $15.00

We are currently taking bids for parking lot repairs and will have this completed soon.

Funds have been approved for a new BBQ grill, and we always need volunteers to help grill!

Lodge and Bocce Clean up day up will be Saturday May 7th starting at 10:00am. We can use all the help we can get!!

Bocce Meeting will be Wed. May 18th at 6:30, if you can’t make the meeting but still are interested contact Deb Poe @440-227-2244 or

Upcoming Patriotic Events

Memorial Day Parade. It goes from Riverside cemetery to Evergreen cemetery, on Memorial Day 5/30 Monday morning. Please sign up in the lodge or see Jeff Culley for more information.

Fairport Harbor Mardi Gras parade is July 1st , dress is either red lodge shirts or white, or any lodge shirt and comfy walking shoes.

-We meet at the Slovenian Club on 2nd street, in Fairport. Can have a drink or light snack provided by the lodge.
-Parade starts at 7PM. Due to the high volume of traffic, and the fact that some streets get shut down, they will need to get in Fairport and park well before 6PM. Usually, they can drive into and park in the field off of Fairport Nursery Rd, at the RR tracks just off of East St.
-Usually an hour, slow walk around town, then back to your car. It is easier to get out of town if you park in the staging area (the field).
-Anyone can join us, we need 25-30 people to make it look good. A lot of us look forward to it.
Please sign up in the lodge members bar for both events or see Jeff Culley for more information.

Secretary’s Corner

Your lodge truly appreciates the new memberships that are coming in the lodge. We had

positive growth last year and may just do it again this year. But, please take the time to re-
view the applications that you give to a proposed candidate, front and back. Some applica-
tions need to returned to the sponsor or the candidate because they lack all the information

or are difficult to decipher. This adds time to the process of approving their membership.
I would like to thank your Membership Investigation committee for all their due diligence
in checking out our new candidates. Dick Patton, Jerry Walker, Doug Kinsey, Doug Childs,
and Vicky Bishop do a very efficient job of contacting those folks and their sponsors.
Here’s a big tip of the “Great Horned Hat” to them!

Speaking of membership, you members should attend our lodge meeting on Thursday, May
12th. We will be initiating a class of 12 new members. This is a pretty large group that wish
to become Elks, just like you. Please come to this meeting and meet your new Brothers and
Sisters. And, the Past Exalted Rulers of your lodge will be there to perform the initiation
ceremony. All in all, this will be a good meeting. It will begin at 7:30PM. Please do come.
It will be good to see you. Don’t forget your SIGNED, new membership card.
Lastly, if you haven’t paid your dues yet, there’s still time. Please call me if you have any
questions. The lodge phone number is 440-357-6943. If I am not there, I will call you back. So, please do leave a message.
Our recent donors to the CP Coin Bank project are:
Jill Luoma

Norman Hoovler
Judy Wiegman

John Haught
Jim Bain

Warren Laurita, PER
Scott Daniels, PER
Sec., BPOE 549




There is a sign-up sheet at the lodge for the Easter egg hunt that is on 4/16 at 9:00 am. The Easter bunny will be available for pictures at 9:15 am. We will have donut holes and juice available for the children. Please try to sign-up so that we can plan accordingly.

The 549er, Newsletter of  Painesville Lodge No. 549

April 2022

From your Exalted Ruler

Welcome all,

I am excited for another year as being Exalted Ruler. It has been a couple of years since my previous term and a lot has happened in that time. I want to thank all of the officers that have served throughout the past elk year and a congratulations to the new officers that got installed. We hope to have some fun events for our members to enjoy this elk year. The first being the children’s Easter egg hunt on Saturday April 16th, 2022 at 9:00am. Donut holes and juice will be provided for the children.

Fraternally yours,

Kyler Daniel PER, ER

Secretary’s Corner

Easter is coming and I hope you all have your eggs in order! 

We are doing very well on the dues collection. If you haven’t sent them in yet, please do so.  Our Lodge year does its turnover April 1st. If you think we missed you on sending out the  dues renewal notices, please call us, at 440-357-6943, and we will double-check it. 

And, as we have had a lot of new members and guests in the lodge lately, I would like to  take a moment to remind us all that we are a private membership organization. We are not  saying so just because we are trying to be pompous. Our State of Ohio Liquor License says  that we are enlightened to sell drinks to our members only. And, in connection with that, only bartenders and current officers should open our doors to guests that are not accompanying you or that you may not know. The tricky folks in the liquor enforcement department can be very ingenious in their wily ways to enter a building and slip up to the bar, asking to be served. It’s been done before and, yes, at our place. It’s rather embarrassing….and  expensive. So, please be careful and let the fine people that we have there take care of let ting people in the door. 

That’s all. Be good to your Bunny! 


Scott Daniels, PER 

Sec. BPOE 549

To Our Departed Members: 

The hearts, thoughts, and prayers of our members are with the family and loved ones of those whom we no longer possess, but shall never forget. 


We will be holding the installation of officers on Saturday March 26th at 5:00 pm. Please come and support the new slate of officers and give thanks to the officers that are leaving their positions. Appetizers will be served with a cash bar following the installation. There is a signup at the bar so that we can plan accordingly.


Hope to see you there.




ATTENTION shuffleboard players. 


Last call for team list or individuals that want to play or want to join a team.  Turn your name or list in by March 20th.  Forms are at the bar area or email me at


Thank You 

John Haught



There is a shuffleboard organization meeting at the lodge on Wednesday February 23rd @ 6:30pm.



Sunday February 13th is Super Bowl at the Elks. 

Don't forget to sign up at the bar for Pot Luck and what you're bringing.

The 549er, Newsletter of  Painesville Lodge No. 549 

February 2022

Dear brother and sister Elks,

We enter February with an initiation of new members at our regularly scheduled meeting February 10th. We will be having 2 meetings in February, March and April on the second and fourth Thursday of the month.

At the last meeting we accepted, with the candidate’s approval, the nomination of two officers for the next Elk year. Manny Rose for Lecturing Knight and Jeff Culley for Leading Knight. We are still seeking individuals who would accept the nomination and serve as Exalted Ruler and Loyal Knight for the coming year.
Serving as a chair officer is a rewarding experience and although it takes some time is not an overwhelming position.

If Painesville Elks Lodge 549 is to continue to be a successful lodge we need more members to step up and get involved. If you are willing to step up please see me or call me at (216) 952-4730 or speak to any of the current officers: Mike Podboy, Jeff Culley or Manny Rose.


Warren Laurita

Trustee’s Corner
The Lodge has installed new security cameras around the building, new door swipe for the office and will be installing a door swipe for the card/game room The Lodge has updated its credit card system to be compliant with chip reader credit cards. Dan Kitson, Buildings and Grounds Manager would like to acknowledge and thank the following:

Darryl Breedlove for assisting in various electrical work 

Manny Rose & Andrew Clark for the new upgrades to our security/camera system

The Lodge is trying to plan a Valentines Day dinner stay tuned for more info.

The Lodge is starting a shuffleboard League/Tournament. Sign ups are located by the daily for those interested.

Secretary's Corner

A new Elks lodge Year begins on April 1, 2022, and dues are payable at this time.

Annual Regular Member dues are $73.25 Lodge dues, plus Grand Lodge Per Capita dues of $30.75, totaling $104.00, per Lodge 549 Bylaws Article X, Sec. 1, (b).* Annual Life Member dues are $25 Lodge dues, plus Grand Lodge Per Capita dues of $30.00, totaling $55.00, per Lodge 549 Bylaws Article X, Sec. 1, (c).* Last year, we had the Grand Lodge send out these notices and they had offered a credit card
system of paying your dues for an additional fee. These notices are being mailed out now, so keep your eyes peeled. If you have questions on your regular/life dues status, please ask me. Please make checks payable to

Painesville Elks 549,

Memo: DUES

We ask all members to update their mailing information. You can email that to me, or, if you have any questions, please email me at


Scott Daniels
Lodge Secretary

The 549er, newsletter of  Painesville Lodge No. 549 

January 2022

From your Exalted Ruler: 

Greetings Brother and Sister Elks, 

We finished 2021 with The Snowball Dinner Dance, The Foster Kids Christmas Party, the member Children Christmas Drive by,  The Tom and Jerry Party, a very successful blood drive and a well attended excellent New Year’s Eve Dinner. After having no choice  to close due to the COVID pandemic, the Lodge rebounded and has had a good year with the return of most activities and events and we are finishing the year with a positive bottom line. 

As we embark on 2022, we have two recently installed officers who have indicated they will continue in the line for 2022 but we remain with unfilled chairs. I encourage the members to consider stepping up to accept a leadership position within the Lodge. The  continued success of the Lodge depends on this. 

Our next meeting is January 13th and I encourage those of you who can to please attend. The first meeting in February, (February 9th) will include initiation of new members. As a reminder, for the months of February, March, and April we will be having 2 meetings each month on  the 2nd and 4th Thursday. Meetings start at 7:30pm. 


Warren Laurita

Trustees Corner 

No Report

Secretary’s Corner 

Happy January! 

As we round the turn on another year, I would like to comment on the successes of our Elks Lodge. Our membership, if not growing much, is holding up against the losses due to being, and remaining, a shining example of what determination and sticking to our path can  bring to us, as an example to others in our Elks’ district and our community. 

All this is not just happenstance. It is due to the work of more than a few people. The officers, trustees, office workers and employees all have pitched in to make our lodge as good as it can be. But there is a need that we have that is not as easy to cure. The basic, common  thread here is that we are an Elks lodge. By virtue of that, we need a few members to stand  up and give just a bit of their personal time, skills and a willingness to help out. Specifically,  we need to fill a few lodge officer chairs with some ‘new blood’. The ‘old blood’ has been  picking up the duties that need to be taken care of. We are thankful to each of them and  hope that they will continue to be there for us. But we do need your help to keep what we have for the future. I am sure that you will have some great ideas that will help make that  happen. 

Please consider joining our leadership team. We won’t ask you to do anything in which  we won’t stand beside you. Personally, I joined that team in 1988. I have made some wonderful friends and have enjoyed nearly all of it. That, in part, is why I am still a member of  the Best People On Earth. If you would like to talk…just talk….about helping, please give us a call. The lodge phone number is 440-357-6943. Simply say that you would like to speak to me about joining our team. If I am not there, I will call you back. I promise.  

Lastly, for you Snowbirds, please be reminded to send me an envelope with your seasonal  address. Do this now, as the billings for our 2022-2023 dues will be coming out shortly. I will use it to send the billing to you. 


Scott Daniels, PER 

Sec. BPOE 549

December 21, 2021

We want to send an update to the business hours for the holidays and a reminder of the New Year's Eve Dinner Menu.


Business Hours:

  • 12/24 Christmas Eve - open normal hours, unfortunately no dinner service. Lunch will be available as usual.

  • 12/25 Christmas Day - open from 4:00pm to close

  • 01/01 New Year's Day - open normal hours


New Year's Eve Dinner :

  • We are extending the deadline of reservations to Monday 12/27/2021. 

  • The menu is amazing, and we are requiring you to let us know your choice in advance.

    • Call 440-357-6943 to make your reservation

 Dinner includes your choice of:

  • Filet mignon   $29.95

  • Prime rib $29.95

  • Chicken Carbonara $15.95

Dinner will include your choice of :  

  • Twice baked potato or garlic red skin potato

  • Salad and bread

Additional items:

  • Soup - Shrimp & Lobster Bisque

  • add a Jumbo Shrimp Skewer to any entrée for $6.95

  • Dessert: Triple chocolate Brownie


Thank you and we wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season.

Greetings Elk members, 


Lodge Hours for December 


  • Dec 24th there will be no Friday night dinner. Lodge is open Noon-5.  We will have lunch available.  

  • Dec 25th New this year, yes we are open!!! 4:00PM-10PM. The Browns play at 4:30, no potluck 

  • New Year's Eve:   Dec 31st open at Noon - 10.   - We will have a reservation only dinner. Please call after 4 on the days we are open 440-357-6943 or sign up at the lodge. Please include your choice of meal. The cut-off date is Dec 20th for reservations.  


Filet mignon   $29.95 

Prime rib         $29.95 

Chicken Carbonara  $15.95 

Add a Jumbo Shrimp Skewer to any entrée for $6.95 

Dinner includes :  

  • Choice of Twice baked potato or garlic red skin potato 

  • Salad  

  • Triple chocolate Brownie 


Soup:   Shrimp & Lobster Bisque 

From your Exalted Ruler:

Greetings Brother and Sister Elks:
On December 7th we will be holding the Snowball Dinner Dance with invited guests from local group homes. This is a wonderful event that we have sponsored for many years in the past and are glad we are able to continue after missing last year do to COVID. Our regularly scheduled meeting on December 9th will be initiation of new members in addition to regular business. On December 11th we will be holding the Foster Kids Christmas Party and all members and guests are invited. Admission is an unwrapped toy, gift card or cash donation all of which goes to Foster Kids in Lake County. Bring some friends and come enjoy an evening of music, snacks and a cash bar.

As we close 2021, I want to thank all the members who have worked hard to bring the Lodge back from COVID closure by sponsoring and supporting Lodge events. It took a lot of work by the members who organized the events and many member volunteers to make the events success and have the events supported by the members.

I wish everyone a healthy holiday season, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Warren Laurita

                                                   VETERANS DAY DINNER-THANK YOU

On Veterans Day volunteers from the lodge served dinners to 61 Veterans and their guests. Thank you to all the Veterans for their service.

Thank you to the volunteers who helped with set-up and serving dinner. The list of volunteers includes Bryan and Patty Zuber, Brian Waite, Brenda and Jamie Toivonen, Bob and Veronica Potter, Vic and MaryAnn Ricketts, Luigi and Diana DiCarlo, Dan Kitson, Mike Cioffi, Al Coll, Doug Kinsey, Denny Jakse, Scott Landgraf and Jerry Walker. Also thanks to Britt for the great chicken dinner.

If I have forgotten to mention anyone please forgive me but know your help was appreciated.

Finally a special thanks to the 4th grade class of Desiree Dickinson at Orchard Hollow School in Mentor for the letters they wrote to Veterans. Each of Veterans received one of the letters containing a personal note from the student.

Thank you All,
Gary T

Secretary’s Corner

Hoping that all are in the holiday spirit, please remember those who we have lost this year and remember them in your thoughts.


For those folks that have run out of patience for our winter weather, and fly south, please contact me at to be sure that your dues notices arrive. I will email them to you so you can get it taken care of between dips in the pool. We all look forward to seeing you again. Bring the warm weather back with you!

Fraternally yours,
S. Daniels, PER
Sec., BPOE 549

                                         Foster Kids Christmas Party December 11th, 7pm

Admission is an unwrapped toy, Gift card (Target, Walmart),or cash. If unable to attend gifts can be dropped off at the Lodge ahead of time. Family members and guests are welcome to attend.

                                      Children’s Christmas Party December 19th 10am to 12pm

In lieu of a traditional Children's Christmas party, we will be holding a drive through Meet and Greet with Santa on Sunday December 19th from 10am-12pm. Pull up by the front door of the lodge and Santa and his elves will deliver a present and goodie bag to your car. Also, Santa will be available for pictures if you like. Please sign up at the bar NO LATER than THURSDAY December 16th so that Santa will know what age appropriate gift to give.

Happy Holidays and we hope to see you all there!

Dan Kitson would like to thank the following for their work on making the building and
grounds ready for Winter. They are John Ziemak and Mike Suydam.

Many thanks go out to all our volunteers for making the Turkey Dinner a Huge Success.


From your Exalted Ruler:

Greetings Brother and Sister Elks:
On October 28th we held a special meeting to initiate 6 new members to the lodge and  closed October with a successful reverse raffle breakfast on the 31st, followed by the monthly drawing.

We welcome November with the Queen still alive (as of 10/28) and look forward to the Veterans Dinner on November 11th and the great Turkey Party on November 18th. Tickets are available at the member's bar.

As a reminder, the November Lodge meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 10th at 7:30pm so as not to conflict with the Veterans Dinner. Plans are well underway for the Foster Kids Christmas Party on December 11th. Guests are welcome to attend, so bring your friends and family to share a good time. Admission is an unwrapped toy, gift card or cash donation all of which is distributed to benefit foster kids in Lake County.

Even though we are just entering November and have the upcoming holidays on our minds, we should start giving thought to who we will nominate to the chair officers for the 2022-2023 Elk year. Please give this some serious consideration as it is important to the continued success of Lodge 549.

I hope to see you all at the Turkey Party and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Warren Laurita

Secretary's Corner:

To all veterans we hope you will enjoy our Veterans Dinner on November 11th and we Thank You for your service.
Wishing all a very Happy Thanksgiving.
For those of you who go to sunny climates during the winter and are not back before February, please email me and we can make advance arrangements for the renewals of your membership in the Painesville Elks.

Fraternally yours,
S. Daniels, PER
Sec., BPOE 549

Foster Kids Christmas Party December 11th
Unwrapped toy, Gift card (Target, Walmart), cash can be dropped off at the Lodge ahead of time if unable to attend night of party.
Family members and guests are welcome to attend.

Trustee Corner
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Elks and their families from the Trustees.


October 12, 2021

Tonight Tuesday 12th Trustee Meeting at 6 p.m.


Tomorrow Wednesday Oct.13th will start new Lodge hours.    Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will open at NOON.  Limited lunch will be available.


Thursday October 14th Lodge meeting at 7:30 p.m.


Saturday October 16th Queen of Hearts at 7:30p.m.  Britt's kitchen will be open and will continue to be open as long as the Queen of Hearts is running.  Limited menu TBD.

Thursday October 28th Special Lodge Meeting to install new members.


October 31st Halloween reverse Breakfast    $20.00 a ticket will include Breakfast and mainboard square.

Doors will open at 8:30am, breakfast at 9:30 am., $1,000 mainboard will be drawing directly after breakfast (50/50 and sideboards) will be available.  Prize for best costume but not required.  See Cindy Richner or Bartenders for tickets.

September 2021

From your Exalted Ruler: 

Greetings Brother and Sister Elks: 

I think the big news is that the Queen still lives (as of 8/28) and is drawing a large number of participants in search of the prize she offers. Many are staying after the drawing to support the Lodge. Come, stay and join them. 

We just completed a successful Redneck Night thanks to the very helpful support and hard work of Libby Loxterman, Carol Johnson, Linda Knell, Joan Schlauch, Patty Wyant and Cris Laurita. Thank you ladies for your hard work.  Also, a tip of the hat to Britt Guinn for preparing an excellent meal and Laura Gauntner for excellent bar service. And, a special big THANK YOU to Dan Kitson for making the saw horse pony for the ring toss. 

Our next big event will be The Octoberfest scheduled for September 25th  from 5:30 to 7:30 featuring Lisa’s famous German potato salad. Tickets will be available at the bar shortly. 

The Bocce season is ending on September 1st. We had 12 teams participating. The Bocce Banquet will be September 18th, 6-9:00pm. 

As we enter September, we have 5 new candidates for membership scheduled to be initiated on September 9th. Come and support these new members at our scheduled meeting. 

As we enter the Fall Season, we are looking forward to bringing back many of the events that we were unable to hold during the COVID pandemic. Look forward to the Veterans Dinner, Turkey Party, Snowball Dance and possibly the Foster Children Christmas Party. All of this will be accomplished with the help of many member volunteers. Please consider volunteering if asked to help the Lodge with these events. 

On that note, we are still looking for members willing to fill some of the chair office positions with the intent of moving up in succeeding years to the next chair. Anyone interested should contact myself or Charlie Johnson our current Leading Knight. 


Warren Laurita, ER

                                        OCTOBERFEST, SEPTEMBER 25TH, 5:30 TO 7:30 PM
                                           FEATURES LISA’S FAMOUS GERMAN POTATO SALAD
                                                   TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE MEMBERS' BAR

Secretary’s Corner 

Fellow 549 Elks, 

I hope that you are all well and enjoying the remaining days of summer. I would like to take  a moment and review some details that often get sidelined during the enjoyment of our daily lives. Membership applications that come in to the lodge need to filled in completely. This  means that the person sponsoring a new candidate needs to complete the portion at the top of an application. On the other side, there is a place for two Elk member references. These

need to be filled in, also. And, there is a $75 application fee that must accompany the application. I will follow up with the candidates to ask them for the current dues that will be pro-rated from April 1st. Following these guidelines will greatly speed up the process of getting

folks in our lodge to enjoy all of our company. If you know someone who wants to be reinstated, please complete the special application. There is a $25 fee, plus the prorated dues for reinstatement. Both new member and reinstatement applications are in the plastic wall
rack, on the bulletin board between the restaurant and mixed bar sides, by the lodge office.

Also, and this get to be a little touchy, the Spouse ID cards are intended only for those

members who are legally married. While some folks may consider themselves to be Common Law, or otherwise “married”, only a legal ‘card carrying’ marriage entitles one to the ID  card. So, if you are in a “significant other” situation, please make the day easier for us all  and not request an ID card. There are many Grand Lodge reasons for this, but the simple one is that the State of Ohio Liquor Dept. has us as a membership license. And, while legal marriages will let a spouse use that for entrance to our lodge, a significant other relationship will not hold up with the state. We really do thank you for your understanding. And we also understand that many of those affected by this are very dear to us and offer us a lot of their time and efforts. 

While we are a great gathering place for friends for beverages, meals and other activities, we are first and foremost a Fraternal organization that does a great bit of charity. Scholarships, veteran and community support, drug awareness and our great Brotherhood rely on our ability to operate under the given rules our communities, states and the IRS. Each year, we need to submit various reports to Grand Lodge justifying our activities in the community and in our lodge. Please help us continue our good works by learning and understanding these rules. is a good place to start a tour of what Elkdom truly means. 

Lastly, our most recent sponsors of the Ohio Elks Association’s state charity, Cerebral Palsy  (through the CP coin banks) are: John Ziemak; Sue Murphy; Merle and Vickey Robb; ER  Warren Laurita, PER and Norm Melchreit. Thank you all for your continual support of this  program. The Ohio Elks strongly supports the organizations that help families dealing with CP have a better chance for normalcy in their lives. 

S. Daniels, PER 

Sec., BPOE 549 

Trustee Corner
Saturday Sept 4th 5-7:00 Burgers and Hotdogs will be sold.
Super Bowl Squares are sold out and we plan to continue to do pot luck on Sundays during the games.

Next Trustee meeting is Sept 7 at 6:00 PM
Lodge Function : Octoberfest being planned for Sept 25

Lodge is still looking for Day Time Bartenders, Dishwashers, Food Runners.

August 9, 2021

Greeting Elks,


  • Our Queen still lives. Burgers & Hot Dogs from 5-7pm on Saturday. Drawing at 7:30PM

  • Super Bowl Squares are sold out and we plan to do Potluck during the Browns games.

I'm sad to say a life-time member, Roger Wiegman passed away. Roger has been a staple in our lodge volunteering,  He was just recently helping out on Wednesday nights with Bocce cookouts and always took care of the flowers out front at our lodge for many years. He will surely be missed.

August 2021

From your Exalted Ruler

Since the removal of the COVID restrictions the Lodge has opened and we are 
seeing great support. The Bocce teams from Monday and Wednesday have consolidated on Wednesday night with twelve teams participating and volunteers grilling meals available for all members. Grilling is rain or shine!

Friday night dinners are fully back and the staff has been assisted with great volunteers.

The Queen still lives (as of 7/24) and is drawing a large number of participants in search of the prize she offers. Many are staying after the drawing in support of the Lodge. Stay and join them.

We just completed a very successful Big Daddy with 144 players participating.  With no one sinking a putt in the putting contest, we will be donating $370 to CP. Hats off to the committee for a job well done!

In June we initiated 3 new members and have one member scheduled for initiation in August. New members always help support the Lodge and we hope they will become active members of the Lodge.

On that note, we are still looking for members to step up and fill some of the chair office positions with the intent of moving up in succeeding years to the next chair. Anyone interested should contact myself or Charlie Johnson our current Leading Knight.

An exciting Red Neck Night is planned for August 28th at the Lodge, so mark your calendars and come join us for a fun evening. Tickets will be available from the officers or at the bar.

Warren Laurita, ER

A Big Thank You goes out to all our Friday night volunteers for assisting the staff with the Friday night dinners: Mike, Cindy, Christina, Scott, Laura, Justine, Chris, Jeff, Tony, Gavin, Cris and Warren.

Secretary's Corner

Fellow 549 Elks,
Happy summer!

We have been moving along here at the Painesville Elks and if you have not been here in a while, please stop in. Currently, 4PM is the starting time but we hope to expand on that. Thank you to those who have kept up on their dues payments. If you haven’t sent them in, please do. We actually have a very low rate of unpaid dues and hope to continue to catch up with those who haven’t yet paid. For the Sun Birds, if you head to the sunshine state, or elsewhere, late in the year, please let me know where I should send your dues notice. I will do what I can to send it out early, so you can continue to visit the local Elks, there. If you wish to send in your dues before you leave, I can work with that, also.

The state charity is still Cerebral Palsy and your lodge tries to maintain our share of donations to that cause. Please remember CP, along with the Elks National Foundation, when you send in your dues. is a good place to learn about the ENF and the fine work we are doing for veterans, students and communities.

If you have any concerns, or any questions, please feel free to call me at the Elks (440)-352-0725. If I am not there, I will return the call as soon as possible.

Scott Daniels, PER
Secretary, BPOE 549

Our current CP donors are Warren Laurita, Doug Gardner and Al Coll. You can pick up a CP “Penny” box at the Elks. Also, the Ohio Elks Association is having their annual raffle for two Ohio State season football tickets. The raffle tickets are $5 each and can be purchased at the bar.

Trustee Corner
• We are currently looking for paid or volunteer day time bartenders, food runners and hostess.
• Jim Cross is looking for help with the Weekly Drawing.
• Dan Kitson is looking for help to mow and keep grounds clean.
• Our lodge accountant filed for Employee Retention Credits in access of $27,000
• Next trustee meeting is Aug 10th @ 6PM
• Queen of Hearts is still alive as of 7/26
• Monthly drawing is back. Last Sunday of the month

Thanks for the support
Trustees BPOE 549